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aptitude test

Aptitude Test for Foreign Students

The Aptitude Test for Foreign Students in Germany realistically measures an individual’s general and subject-related aptitude. Known as TestAS, short for Test für Ausländische...
student residence permit germany

How To Get a Student Residence Permit in Germany

A Student Residence Permit is a German title that allows you to reside in Germany while you pursue a degree there. In addition, you...

The DAAD Insurance

The DAAD Insurance provides health, accident, and personal liability insurance for students, trainees, and academics (including their dependants who come to Germany). Holders of...
proof of student health insurance

Proof of Student Health Insurance

It is always important to remember that existing laws obligate every single person residing in Germany to get health insurance whatever the intention or...
cover letter for studying in germany

Cover Letter for German Student Visa

The cover letter for German student visa is very important and most of the international students ignore it completely when applying for their student...
bring your family to germany

Bringing Your Family to Germany on a Student Visa

As a non-German studying in Germany, you’re allowed to bring your family members to live with you at least during the study period, but,...
admission requirements for indian students in Germany

Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

Studying in Germany for Indian students comes with a lot of benefits because German universities are globally ranked and valued for their top-class quality....
Proof of financial resources to study in Germany

Proof of Financial Resources

Even though the majority of universities in Germany carry no tuition fees and most German cities are not too expensive to live in, authorities...
How to Get a German Student Visa

German Student Visa

The numbers of foreign people choosing Germany for their abroad studies are increasingly growing each year. Most international students will likely need to get a...